Our Horses


Abby is a 19-year-old Buckskin American Quarter Horse mare. She originally came to the property to be used as a broodmare. Her disposition was the important deciding factor in her purchase since a foal will receive his most important training from his dam. Upon the successful birth and raising of her colt, Picante, it became obvious that she was an excellent lesson horse and so her new career began.

Abby loves physical attention of any kind. She is calm and wise, requiring her student participants to develop clear leadership abilities in order to earn their place in the herd. We believe that Abby is worth her weight in gold!


Java is a 20-year-old sly and introspective Thoroughbred. His quiet disposition is not taken for granted by the other horses, however, as he is the unequivocal herd leader. Because of his shy nature, participants learn to be respectful and wait for permission before charging into a task.  Successfully engaging with Java has its rewards, however, as he is the sweetest boy around.








Picante is an 8-year-old Azteca and the little naughty boy of the herd. His curiosity and enthusiasm knows no bounds! It is a joy to watch him play, explore, and drive the other horses crazy. Picante is Pamela‚Äôs levels horse in the Parelli program and is not used in sessions.  However, participants still love to give him kisses and carrots.






Loan HorseDonating or Loaning a Horse

On occasion, we do take new horses for the program; either temporarily or permanently.  We will not accept a new horse in the wet months.  They must be healthy and between 5 and 15 years old.  If you have a horse that we might be able to use, please send Pamela email at havenoregon@gmail.com.