High Hope Haven is the only equine facility in the United States that is certified to deliver the courses developed by TheHorseCourse in the UK.  TheHorseCourse has been collecting data on their program’s success for several years and High Hope Haven now also contributes the results of our courses to this evidence.  TheHorseCourse’s pioneering work in prisons showed a 27% point reduction of reoffending within 12 months. The data also reflects that 85% of youth improved their attendance and engagement at school and anxiety was reduced by 33% on average (based on 2 month follow-up reports).  For more complete information on the evidence, please see this summary

We are excited to share this program with people in our community who are struggling with traditional engagement strategies.  We have worked with Oregon Youth Authority, A Family for Every Child, Womenspace, Northwest Christian University, Portland State University, as well as individuals who seek out our help.  We look forward to increasing our impactful support in the future!